Hot UK Black Men

hot uk black menSo this is a response to the many women who are constantly telling me that there are no hot UK black men out there. Now, I don’t have a TV. I’m fundamentally too lazy to commit to soaps etc but I refuse to believe that there are no hot black men out there so I’ve compiled my own list. It’s not in order and I’m not going to justify all of them but here is a quick list before I have to get back to actually crushing on someone I have half a chance of getting.

I will add photos and men to this list over time so if there is anyone I’ve missed out shout at me.

Hot can mean cute, adorable, sexy or just plain fanciable.

Here goes and remember they are in no particular order :

  1. Lemar the singer  – the eyes, the voice, the smile
  2. Audley Harrison vs David Hayes – both hot
  3. The cast of Real McKoy – Leo Chester, Curtis Walker and Ishmael, Robbie Gee….yes we had a soft spot for them now but back in the day they were hot!!
  4. Lewis Hamilton – there is something there. I’m not sure what but something
  5. Richard Ayoade – Maurice from the IT Crowd. You just want to introduce him to Ann Summers.
  6. Andi Peters – I’m a child of the 80s. The broom cupboard was my babysitter.
  7. Half the Premiership except for Ashley Cole. None of them sell their intelligence but his blunders have made him ineligible
  8. Labrynth  – I just wish he was older and hadn’t done that song with old looking Ms. Sande
  9. Tinie Tempah – anyone that can hold their own on Graham Norton has my vote
  10. Ashley Walters – apparently he’s hot. I’m throwing this one in .
  11. Idris Elba – not my tastes but I know I will get death threats if I leave him out so….
  12. Henry Bonsu – the voice, the intelligence and, did I mention the voice. I never thought northern could be such a turn on 😉
  13. Trevor Nelson – Hmmmm
  14. Tim Campbell – men in suits part 1
  15. Trevor Philips – again we grew up with him.
  16. Romeo and Harvey – they learned to count and move their hips at the same time. I was done.
  17. Reggie Yates – awwww so cute .
  18. The one married to Angelica Bell…Michael Underwood. I like his competitive spirit in reality TV shows
  19. Ozwald Boateng – the designer although Paul Boateng had a time and George Boateng but this could be highlighting my Ghana crush….
  20. Jimmy Akingbola _ I don’t watch Holby but I know that he’s in it so he must be doing something right.
  21. Colin Salmon – he makes a great baddie.
  22. David Harewood – Yes I’ve had a number of women insist I add him in.
  23. Adrian Lester – He annoyed me in Girlfriends and in some random film in the 90s but I’m not one to hold a grudge.
  24. David Oyelowo – so cute and married young. Drat
  25. Hakeem Kae-Kazim – little known but well loved especially in Africa.
  26. Chiwetel Ejiofor- I loved him in 2012 and he is one of the few men that can get away with a beard
  27. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje – another good baddie for those of us that like bad boys.
  28. Ray Rearon- I’m adding Ray despite some concerns I had during black Julius Caesar that the jodpurs were a little too tight and that I may have had to run onto the stage and wrestle him out of them. That’s the trouble with live theatre darlinks!
  29. Eamonn walker – say what you will. When he was Kareem in Oz I was hooked and that show wasn’t for the faint hearted. I finally got why some women write to prisoners.
  30. Chucky Venn – I don’t even watch Eastenders but he’s a lush one inni!
  31. Ricky Whittle – I think he does reality competitive TV now but was on Hollyoaks.
  32. Micah Balfour – I had stopped watching the Bill by then. What a pity. Also Karl Collins and Aml Ameen
  33. Arinze Kene, Connor from Eastenders – nothing says get in like a shirtless photo.
  34. Anthony Agogo – Olympian. I’ve only just become aware of him
  35. Sylvester Williams – he was my crush many moons ago. Anyone know where I can find him? Found him, not the same team but, hey, cute.
  36. John Boyega – out of this world even though he’s young
  37. Omar – nothing like him
  38. Anthony Joshua – boxing is in again except when knocked down by a chubster
  39. Andrew Roachford – More than just a cuddly toy
  40. Kano – He is cute although I can’t say I know more than 2 songs. I’m not really listening to the words now am I!  Nite nite

© Chelsea Black


  1. but how many of these guys are:
    a) available
    b)like black women
    c) are in our areas so we can jump on em

    my view would be prob not, unlikely and don’t hold your breath in that order!

    • They are celebrities. I wasn’t expecting any of them to become my lover or boyfriend. Just hot guys who are black and linked to the UK? And a lot of them are in London.

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