Positive lies men tell pt1

I was inspired by @Leftysbetta to write the positive lies men tell. The lies we want to believe because we see them on TV and films and songs from the 90s and somewhere deep down we think this is what love is. I guess the sad part is that they are so convincing we do believe them even when we know he’s a liar. But here’s an idea. When he does say something that sounds too good to be true and you don’t think the relationship or actions leading up to it warrant such a declaration please check the following:

A)     Ask him how many women have he said this to. Chances are he’ll look earnestly at you or look hurt and say, “No one else. You’re my first.” No man is a Lying Virgin. If he admits to using it before but says, “But this time I mean it!” then chances are he’s more of an honest liar.

B)      Is he willing to put his feelings in writing? I said to an ex “you know what I love? Love letters and made him write all that stuff down.” Turned into a wish list of sexual fantasies so I knew he was lying, bless.  Chances are he’ll pull a strop /sulk at this point and blame you for ruining a beautiful moment. Flash some tittie and tell him to get over it. I bet he does, quickly.

C)      If you haven’t slept with him in a while this may be his method of getting you to drop the panties. Hold off for 24 hours if you are suspicious of his motives. See how sincere he is. Bet he goes home soon after said declaration to spank the money instead.

D)     If you are in bed then chances are he’s suffering an overwhelming endorphin rush which will subside. Ask him to say it again as he wrestles you for the remote control later.

Ok we all set? Next page for the top 15. If you have any others send them to me via @Chelseablack on twitter or through the comments. Let’s Go! click here


© Chelsea Black


  1. I love the pan handler photo – too funny

    chelsea black you are so young to be so cynical

    but reading your posts makes my day – always illicits an lol at the very least!!

    give thanks

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