Married at First Sight UK escalated quickly

It’s only week 3 in and already we are seeing how casting for TV ratings and not for true matches is going to be a  problem for this crop of Married at First Sight UK. I mean, last week couples were all working on it and pulling Whitney off the edge but this week we’ve got some couples leaving? And all of the group drama?  That escalated quickly!


So Whitney, rolling her eyes, agreed to give Duka another chance even though it’s not clear what he had done wrong. Thomas and Adrien had a great yes week which ended with a song that I found too cringe to watch but, different tastes. Oh and April conveniently was ill and missed the dinner party which saw the culmination of her shit stirring.

But Decisions changed

Lara and Richie

OK so apparently Lara and Richie had sex. We are meant to assume that Richie wasn’t able to satisfy Lara who dug into her years of experience and told him what she liked. He saw this as humiliating and they had a massive fight and slept apart. They also went to the dinner party alone and decided to split on Decision Day. To be honest I don’t think Lara ever really wanted to make it work and was looking for ways to put Richie down. She was patronising. Yes he was a big kid but instead of taking joy in that she found it, exhausting?

PJay and Jess

Jeez this most basic of Beckys stomped on this dude because he didn’t have financial stability and because of his job. When she found out he had a child she was fine. But when she found out he lived at home with his mum it was done. The snobbery of it all. This is where the matching was for TV only. Whilst they said they shared values one of them wasn’t hustling and struggling together. They decided to leave and we are all pleased that we won’t have to watch PJay beg a half dressed Jess for a little affection. To say the emotional intelligence was lacking in this woman is being kind. She won’t be missed.

New Couples

So with 2 couples leaving we were told that there would be two new couples joining the experiment as of tonight. One of which seem to share a love of neck and face tattoos. They also matched opposites for giggles. Tonight we have a new couple who are clearly different class and upbringing wise. I hope it works but, let’s see. I also am not sure how they will merge with the rest of the group so late in the game?

The problem with Married at First sight UK is …

The matching is dubious. Who really thinks that Kwame and Kasia are a good match? Nobody

It’s too scripted. They’re leaving out too much of what is really going on and giving us caricatures of people. None of whom are particularly likeable. It’s full of fame whores and self-promoters.  

The group dynamics makes this more of a Big Brother show than a couple show which links to the fame whore comment.

The show should be called Married for a few nights. Luckily it’s only on 4 times a week. Happy watching!

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