Life Love Lessons of 2022 to take into 2023

It’s the last day of the year. Another year gone and instead of ‘new year, new me’ we have to do the life love lessons of 2022 to take into 2023. Instead of resolutions it’s best to carry forward these lessons and build, no? This is my 40th blog of the year and my 750th blog so, a poignant moment to take stock and reflect on Mizzadventures and life in general. Also an opportunity to thank all of those who support through reading, liking comments on social media and living life with me to the fullest. Here’s to 2023.

2023 is the year of the clap back

2022 started with slapgate and ended with the clap back. The end of the year so lots of celebrity men NOT WINNING when it came to their attack on women. So yeah 2023 will continue to be the year of women clapping back when attacked. Unlike #MeToo this is more about not tolerating the misogyny that has become an acceptable part of media. So let’s be bolder and not take some of the bullshit that is out there, particularly in the dating space. If they lie on their profile, if they cheat or gaslight you, if they make you feel less than then, move on.

Hobosexuals will increase

With the cost of living and catfishing becoming more sophisticated with AI imaging we have to acknowledge that the risk of financially motivated dating in 2023 is will increase. I’m not saying not to give broke people a chance but, if you are their only means of escaping poverty then know that when your money runs out so do they. So beware the dating broke in 2023. They may only be suggesting a Netflix and chill to maximise your lekky. Hobosexuals are a real risk so make sure you are financially safe from potential abuse. Tinder Swindler was a warning but some may see it as a how to guide.

Life is short – grab it while you can

News came this week of many celebrities who have died. Big names such as Pele, Barbara Walters, Vivienne Westwood. All in their 80s or 90s. And we thank them for the joy their careers have brought to our lives. Since the pandemic appears to have become business as usual many have forgotten how living with the risk of death feels.

I also had news of a peer who died in an accident. She lived to the fullest and was a happy person. And it’s the reminder that we need that life can be short and to grab all of the joy whilst we have the opportunity. We can’t wait for life to come to us. I’m not saying a year of saying yes but a year of embracing things that may lead to joy.

Have fun

As we get older we worry about all of the adulting that we need to do. Towards the end of 2022 I started to do fun things again. Not just getting through the week things. I started to deprioritise work over family and friends. And I felt better for it. So I think we started to remember how to have fun and not take everything too seriously.

Dating can be draining and feel like work, particularly if you have been doing it for a long time. We all start putting expectations and wanting guarantees of a happily ever after on date 1. The reality is you can only hope for a fun date and nothing beyond that. So dating with purpose is key but it can still be fun, right? Not every date should end with a proposal.

Year of Me

As we go into what will be a year of hardship for many with a recession there is a risk of extending yourself for others and forgetting to fill your own well. It’s time for this to change. Being generous and putting the mask on yourself first is self care.  Doing more for yourself as opposed to doing too much for others. Whether this is through solo dating or buying yourself things that aren’t treats but more reflections of self care, just spoil yourself.

I wish all abundance and joy in the new year and hope that the universe cupids come out of retirement to bless us all with love in 2023.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

© Chelsea Black® 2022

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