A Desperate woman

A-Sexy: D is for Desperate

So the other day I was accused of being desperate. I know my precious I wasn’t impressed either. But I need to go back to the beginning.

Let me see….I woke up and realised that I had been the victim of sex but was not feeling sated. This isn’t unusual with drunken sex as you know as the key is to try to have it as quickly as possible before one or other of you pass out. I suspect I passed out before he was able to finish.

So the next day I asked him to come round and finish me off. I think this is only the right thing to do in the circumstances as it’s not fair to present yourself to someone new who will finish the job but will not have worked hard for it. I’m an equal opportunities and fair lover if nowt else.

Don’t get me wrong there are others and as he prevaricated and gave me some BS about things to do I went through my mental rolodex of options. The ex? No that would be too draining and I would have to pretend that I liked him again. The cabbie…. I actually spoke to but as one more idiotic comment was made about me living in a posh area I deemed him unworthy.  There was another one but he lived too far and I would have to spend the night. I wasn’t too keen on that idea. Besides, I wanted this one. I wanted to remember it.

And so I asked him to come round later. I was greeted with ums and ahhs and excuses. I asked when he could come round and it was much of the same. So I told him that I wasn’t sure as to why he was making me beg for it to which he replied, “I hate it when people beg. It’s desperate”

Huh? So let me get this straight. We had sex, I want more sex. I’m not trying to tie you into any sort of relationship I’m just a horny drunken lush and that somehow makes me desperate?

And herein lies the problem with mankind. When p**sy is there offered on a plate for them to lap up they don’t want it. No instead they want to go out there and be treated like crap by some woman who will ration out their sexual favours and make them buy them tampons. Oh the evil that is the male ego. They never get it right do they?

So I made it clear to him. I will never ever beg or ask him for sex again. Why? Cos he has no appreciation for the fact that desire and horniness are not a sign of desperation but a sign of a grown woman who knows what she wants and isn’t ashamed to ask for it. I was never one for playing it cool and waiting 3 days to call a guy. I just don’t understand why we waste the first few interactions pretending to be people we are not. I just ask for what I want. And you can always just say no in which case I’ll just keep it moving. The rolodex remember?

There is a thin line between a woman that will do anything not to be alone and a woman that wants to be with a man even if it’s for a few hours.  I tell all my friends that men chase and women choose. Men say they want it the other way too but too few can handle it. They get bored if they don’t have to hunt and work hard for it. Almost as if they haven’t earned it. Then they disrespect you for being too easy. Hello it’s sex. We both want it so why are women meant to keep up this pretence of playing hard to get?

It’s time to update the rolodex. It’s looking a little too dated and caveman for me.

©Chelsea Black


  1. I concur. I tend to ignore them as most get with their wives after random interactions. Rarely dating by numbers. They are just as confused as women are!

  2. Men don’t know what they want imo. I keep seeing men (on twitter) complaining about women making them wait months for sex, the truth is if woman had sex with them on the first date they then would deem her not “wifey material” and then feel that they can disrespect her.

    Men imo constantly contradict themselves so its best not to listen to them….unless you have to ;-0

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