The dating zone

The 45 minute dating zone

So here’s the thing. We all work. London is full of traffic, tube delays and unnecessary road works. Yes Boris I mean your London. So if you want to date you can either

a) Limit your dating zone

b) Pack a bag cos some nights you will not be coming back

c) constantly meet in the west end which becomes expensive and repetitive after a while

d) Don’t date

I opted for b. I figured that as much fun (not) internet dating is there is more to life than receiving videos of your sweetheart wanking off. You have to meet at some point right?

I know that some of you will consider this D a snobbish step too far but to be fair I was exactly the same when I lived in Ealing. I refused to date outside of the M3 or M4 corridor for fear of never making it back. East and South East I couldn’t even do for work. Yes my name is Chelsea Black and I hate travelling. There I’ve said it. So catch the latest blogs on the dating zone where I try to explain to those of you who don’t quite understand the concept why it is that I won’t travel more than 45 for dating.The two blogs can be found here and here

Oh and when you are done you can read about how to become a mini dominatrix or just the art of being a dominatrix for beginners. We d try our best to cater to all whilst keeping it all pretty vanilla. Have a great day.