A woman that is described as cute. This means she is usually short, sexy but in a more girl next door 10 extra pounds or has gamine look and still doable but not the sort you would be trekking across water for. She is not the one of your fantasies.


A cute man is one that is not offensive to look at but does nothing for a woman sexually. However we don’t want them to know that and so we attach cute as opposed to sweet to throw them off the scent. They are usually younger, can be a little overweight and they are not deemed as Alpha enough to be a contender. Cute goes in the friends zone / perhaps later when he actually turns into a man category.

Cute should be used to describe animals, kids and acts that people perform e.g ah that’s so cute! But never ever a man. This is not to be confused with CutIE which is sexy in a boyfriend potential / you make a little moist kind of way.

Best you grab your wallet and pull out that Nandos loyalty card if she calls you cute. Chances are you haven’t pulled.

To all of those I’ve described as cute apologies but I get it all the time so I’m just passing on the misery. As you were my cuties.

© Chelsea Black

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