Cheating part 1

A – Sexy: C is for Cheating

So apparently Cheaters UK the programme is coming to a screen near you. I was shocked. People are still cheating in this day and age? There are some people who try to justify cheating. Women say it’s because he wasn’t giving them what they needed emotionally. Or he had started to neglecting them so they turned to someone else. Or men may say the sex stopped, she stopped making an effort with her look and he started flirting with the graduate at work. One after works drinks led to 2 years of an affair.

So here it is. I don’t approve of it. I’ve been cheated in and I’ve been the other woman (thanks for not bothering to ask me if I wanted this coveted role first) but I’ve never cheated cos as everone knows I’m not that good at keeping a secret.

So this is why cheating is a crap thing to do.

1)      Bit easy isn’t it? To bring in a fresh faced sub? It just smacks at a lazy attitude to the relationship from the cheat. Rather than work and fix whatever it is that was broken or here’s an original one, break up with the person you go and find something else to supplement it.

2)      Greedy too. You want it all and don’t care how you get it. Come on. We all know that there a few things that may not be there in your life partner but that’s no excuse. (Not you FuHu, you will be my everything. My 100%)

3)      Cheating means you assume the other person is stupid. You go around and do all of that lying and getting one over on them. All this means is that you start to look at them in a disrespectful way. Why can’t they see through your bad lies? So it becomes a perpetuated reality. Maybe they ARE stupid

4)      You look stupid when you get caught. How can they ever respect someone who didn’t respect them and started hiding out in bathrooms to make calls to the other person. You just look like a dick regardless of gender

5)      You have taken away the other person’s choice as to what kind of relationship they are in. What gives you that right to decide that what you want is more important than what you’ve promised them? Arrogant twat – regardless of gender

6)      Let’s face it, it’s childish and immature. It means that you aren’t in a place to have a grown up relationship if you can’t even be honest and communicate when something is wrong. Why not just say that you would like her to make more of an effort with her look when you go out? Or that you wouldn’t mind a romantic night out ladies? Sure if they don’t listen then move on to someone that will if that’s the foundation on which you feel your union is build but don’t pull a childish manoeuvre

7)      I always think the energy you wasted cheating could have been spent on something more productive. Cheating is bloody exhausting. You have to think of excuses, venues, showering at your gym excuses, etc. This from some people who can’t even organise a trip to the Sex clinic? Come on!

8)      It never ends well. Even if you break it off there is the risk that the other person won’t take it well or tell your partner or that you get caught. If you are a man you are more likely to get caught. You sloppy lot

9)      Sometimes the guilt makes you confess. Stupid I know but sometimes you are so heavy with it that some of you feel the need to confess. Great! Keep that to yourselves. Don’t burden the other person and then say “Wow, I feel so much lighter and better now that I’ve told you. i.e now that I’ve laden you with that crap

10)   Many that cheat are sloppy at the best of times but what’s with this getting people pregnant and bringing STIs to others BS? Stop with this crap. Clearly if you can’t do it properly you shouldn’t be doing it at all!

Happy cheating!

© Chelsea  Black

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