Cabbie dairies part 5

Cabbie Diaries part 5 – the final part

So as I was finishing a delicious bath I see that my phone is ringing. It’s him, Cabbie. I pick up and he starts his ranting.

Why wasn’t I answering his texts? I told him I didn’t want to text or talk to him as there was nothing to say.  He ignores this and asked if he could he pop round? I tell him no thank you as we were not pop in friends. Then he gives me some long argument about why I should be flattered that he was going to be on my road and instead of just driving by I should be flattered that he remembered me and wanted to see me.

Like seriously? That was the angle he was going to take? It had only been 6 weeks and it worried me that he knew where I lived.  I was incredulous at this point and torn between explaining to him what an idiot he was and slamming down the phone. But I have an old clapped out blackberry. It would just break if I slammed so I chose the former.

I told him that he had never ever been to my flat so we were not pop in friends. I don’t allow strangers into my house. (this isn’t true as some of you know but that’s not the point) He said that I could come and sit in the cab for 5 minutes. Yes that sounded enticing. So I had to get dressed to go and sit in a cab for 5 minutes? I didn’t get it, what for?

“Can’t we be friends Chelsea?” he asked me?

And I told him no. We couldn’t be friends because we had never been friends. So why would I build a friendship with someone who stood me up for 3 hours? Then he killed it with, “you never even gave me a chance to explain.” 6 weeks later and he wanted to explain?

I told him straight, we had different values when it came to what was acceptable and what wasn’t and I don’t think that was the basis of a friendship. Then he got mad.

He told me that he didn’t realise I had taken it all so hard and that he could now see why I was still single as I shouldn’t still be angry with him and that my values were impossible to meet. No man could not be 3 hours late? Surely he discredits the male population? The implication was clear that he thought I would be single for a long time.

Anyway I saw what he was doing. The switcheroo. I was meant to feel like crap because I had made him feel like crap but that wasn’t going to work. I hmmmmed and aha-ed my way through him telling me about myself. Then he said my favourite bit.

“Don’t worry Chelsea, you’ll never have to worry about hearing from me again” YES! He got it. I didn’t want to speak to him, get to know him, be his friend or the person he popped into see when he was on their road. I know the people on my road use a lot of taxis. I couldn’t take the risk.

I’m not going to write about Cabbie again. I realise that my frustration with him is that he doesn’t get it. I think men have been too spoiled by women who allow them to get away with nonsense ruining it for the rest of us. So much for bloody sisterhood.

My only question is really, will this affect my account with Addison Lee?

© Chelsea Black

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