I think there comes a time in your life when one can’t settle. It’s not worth the effort. I’ll give you an example of a typical conversation

Me: I know that I’m just really easy to please.

Friend: [gently] I’m not sure that you are to be honest?

Me: See you and your smug. Seriously. I’m the easiest person ever. Just feed me and respect me and make me laugh…

Friend: Oh! So I know a guy…

Me: Go on….

Friend: He’s not the best looking …

Me: I’m not a lookist

Friend : And he’s got some baggage….

Me: I love children sometimes?

Friend: I mean his mother

Me: I love old people sometimes!

Friend: I’ll set it up then? I’ll leave him a message as he can’t answer calls at work

Me: Wait! Does he work at a prison or McDonalds or something?

Friend: Well no but it’s criminal justice

Me: So a court house? A youth worker? The police? What does he do!

Friend: Mumbles

Me: What?

Friend: He’s a lawyer

Me: What the…..defence or prosecution?

Friend: [hangs head] prosecution

Me: I’m sorry but I can’t see it working. We have different values.

Friends:  See?

Me: Nah. You didn’t tell me we were diametrically opposed politically. I can’t do it. I bet he’s a Tory! Friend: ………..
Me: OMG why are you like this! Did he vote Leave?
Friend: But, he’s a lovely guy

Me: How? OK no. I can’t do it. I need him to have the ability to empathise with every day people. Can he do that? Huh? can he?

Friend: So it’s a no or a hard no?

The end  #ICantBeTricked #WellNotAnymore #LawyersAndThePolice! 

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Chelsea Black is a writer. Romantically seeking her Fubo (future boyfriend) she often gets distracted by misadventures. She is currently working on her second book, first baby (sperm to be confirmed) and first real career. Chocolate and cocktails are food groups