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Sun Garden Me


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Sun garden me

So in the 4 years that I’ve been living in the garden I’ve only been out in the garden….twice. I know these are terrible stats especially as when I was sold the place on the rareity of having outside space in London. Huh?

But today I realised why. As I lay there on my African mat, labtop to the side and water at the ready I realised that we had a problem. Next door has a sunny garden. Mine is shaded by a great big tree!

So now I’m going to have to go on some big mission to cut this tree down. Not me of course. I can barely cut a loaf of bread straight. I’m not the one. But do I have to ask the council’s permission? Do I need to speak to the grumpy git upstairs who complains whenever I have sex. (I’m really not that loud dude, get over it) Will I have to take out a mortgage to get this done? It’s turning into a bigger issue than my not technical brain can cope with. All this so that I can sit outside in a bikini without anyone pointing at Maxine (budda belly) and asking when’s it due?

I reckon I’m going to leave the tree there and go to the park. Because by the time I sort this all out the bloody British summer will be over and I’ll be peeved. Best I go to the park nearby and bathe with the beautiful people.

That said it is a good incentive to have a BBQ. A small one mind….

Speak later my precious, I’ve got plans to make. Or a diet to plan. Decisions!

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4 Responses to Sun Garden Me

  1. Barry

    Trees are lovely: Leave it alone (unless its a buddlea – ugly – or its causing structural-stuff). Instead be beautiful in the park. Who knows who you might meet there 😉

    • chelseablack Post author

      Bazza the park near me entertains the locals from the estate. I would have to Battersea or Hyde for the chance of a random cutie spot. I’m guessing that’s too much effort. And when you go to those parks alone you have to 1) avoid dogs – urgh! 2) pack like you’re going on holiday every time you want to use the loo. I just can’t

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