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Horsemeat and Cheaters

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Horse meat and Cheaters.

I’m not going to lie to you my precious. I’m not really fussed about the horsemet fiasco. I don’t like ready meals and M&S are my meat suppliers of choice. I think I’m swayed by the packaging. That said I eat out in restaurants so who knows what I’m really putting into my body. Lots of spit?

But it did get me thinking as to why people are so upset about this horsemeat issue. I mean, they ate the meat (no this isn’t a sexual blog although…no, back to topic) and didn’t feel any ill effects at the time.

Then I thought back to trying to explain to exes why them cheating on me was a deal breaker. It wasn’t the fact that they flirted / snogged/ had sex with someone else. No, I don’t have control over their bodies. Hell, some of them don’t have great control over their own bodies. But I digress.

it’s the fact that one has been lied to. I mean seriously, why not just tell me that there was horse meat in the burger? Why not say, you’re doing the PA in the cleaning cupboard? Wouldn’t it be easier if we just kept the honesty in our relationship and I could choose whether or not I wanted to eat horse meat? Chances are I wouldn’t have minded if you had explained why you put it in there. But the problem with cheaters is that they continue to lie even after they’ve been caught out and they don’t really appreciate the severity of their behaviour until they are penalised.

So the apologies mean nothing to me. I will only buy chocolate from Tesco in an emergency. And if I find out that they’ve been lacing it with cocaine well,…..I won’t be shocked but I will be very disappointed.

From now on cheaters will be respectfully referred to as horse meat.

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Chelsea Black is a writer. Romantically seeking her Fubo (future boyfriend) she often gets distracted by misadventures. She is currently working on her second book, first baby (sperm to be confirmed) and first real career. Chocolate and cocktails are food groups

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  1. Don

    Any nutritional expert would tell you that pork isn’t good for human consumption just like so many other animals and fishes. I call them unclean foods. I mean if you can eat pork and bacon for so many years, why complain about horse meat? It’s not better or worse.

    The whole point is they lied to consumers. By putting in percentages of horse meat without telling consumers they bridged the law. It all about profits – greed. Reducing their cost of production in order to gain more profits. When you begin to lie, you cheat.

    Did you say we should call all cheaters horse meat?

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