Day 3: My Favourite Writer

I don’t have one and I think if I did I would feel a little unfair. Like did I have a favourite book growing up or do I favour one child over the other? I would have to say no. I like some more than others but that’s it. As for the writing mentors I’ve tried this but the 2 so far weren’t as focused so quickly we fell out of simpatico.

However I have had the opportunity to meet 3 authors I admire greatly. They are not necessarily my favourites but they rank up there as women authors who are worthy of mention

First at university I worked with Nobel Prize winner Nadine Gordimer. I wasn’t a big fan of her works as it was of a time and space I didn’t recognise but this woman worked at her writing. Every day from 9-5 she would be in her office writing. It was the first time that I ever conceived writing as an actual job. She was disciplined, something I still struggle with today and there was an order to her that made you realise that there was a lot of strength and passion in this petite woman. I learned how to write as work.

Then I met Tsitsi Dangerembga a Zimbabwean author of Nervous Conditions the book I wrote my dissertation on. Her life as an African girl who had lived in the UK then moved back to Africa mirrored mine and I met her in London as she was promoting a film. It wasn’t the meeting of spirits I hoped for but I realised that some writers aren’t necessarily comfortable with their gushing readers. She was one of them. And yes, when inspired I can gush with the best of them. I learned that how one writes and how one is in real life aren’t always the same but people will assume.

Then most recently I met blogger turned writer Belle Du Jour at a Sunday Times event in Oxford. Yes for a woman who doesn’t leave zone 2 without a lot of bribing I managed to score a ticket to the event where India Knight was interviewing her. I love her honesty as a writer although you can see that there was so much left unsaid in those books.  I met her afterwards and realised that everyone has a story and a voice and that to write is a means of expressing a lot of emotions that many people keep repressed.

And so whilst these may not be writers that are my favourite they have inspired me to be a disciplined writer who shares her stories with others. And for that I thank them

© Chelsea Black

Chelsea Black is a writer. Romantically seeking her Fubo (future boyfriend) she often gets distracted by misadventures. She is currently working on her second book, first baby (sperm to be confirmed) and first real career. Chocolate and cocktails are food groups