I forgot to review this event which was 2 weeks ago. My bad but this won’t take long. I promise:

1)      Don’t call it a week if it’s just 2 days. Might I suggest….a weekend?

2)      Lucky for you it was a beautiful day so people didn’t mind standing in the sun.

3)      Models in white bin liners selling ties? I don’t get it

4)      What’s with the bag designer who only had one shape of bag…?

5)      So African means printed clothes? Got it. So nothing innovative or new.

Besides that I think it’s fair to say that most of us use these events to bump into friends old and new, flirt and get our fashion look on. Thank god I had a date before (see marriage proposal) and an event on that evening so it wasn’t my only event.

But it’s the tricky second event. Third time lucky? Here’s hoping.

© Chelsea Black

Chelsea Black is a writer. Romantically seeking her Fubo (future boyfriend) she often gets distracted by misadventures. She is currently working on her second book, first baby (sperm to be confirmed) and first real career. Chocolate and cocktails are food groups